Our Methods Reduce Risk


Surfaceable project management combines rigorous analysis at the start of a project with Agile methods and tools applied to project tracking to enable flexibility and accountability as a project progresses.

Starting with establishing functional requirements, enumerating features, and determining an initial minimum viable product (MVP), Surfaceable project managers help you contain project cost and drastically cut schedule risk.

Analysis Results

The output of a project analysis provides clients with tools for measuring resources and time:

  • A function specification document that enumerates the functions the product is required to perform
  • A features specification that enumerates the features the product should embody
  • A minimum viable product (MVP) definition that puts a stake in the ground for completing a product with the minimum required features/functions.
  • A preliminary task list, with task descriptions, sufficient to perform schedule analysis
  • A critical path methods (CPM) analysis that uncovers dependencies in the task list
  • A resource-loaded schedule that ensures resources are not over-committed in the project plan

What if project analysis reveals that a client's desired results are not in line with available resources? We don't lead our clients into situations that won't succeed. Instead we go back to a critical question for every project: Are you asking the right question?