Surfaceable gives you access to the most experienced, most advanced minds in Android-based architecture and implementation. Lead authors, co-authors, tech editors, and other contributors of leading books. We are architects of advanced systems and products.



Zigurd Mednieks is working with Addison-Wesley to create a series of Deep Dive books, each of which is the authoritative work on a specialized topic area in Android software development. The first book in the series is now available, with G. Blake Meike's Android Concurrency coming in early 2016




We have authoritative knowledge of every aspect of Android and of developing in Java, C++, and other Android implementation languages. We are the leading practitioners of Android hardware-software integration. We work with first-tier design firms to produce the most beautiful user experiences. Our experience in telecommunications infrastructure node development and telecommunication standards means you will find that we are the ideal partners for telecom-intensive software projects.

Our practical and rigorous project management methodology ensure that you have the best grasp of project scope before we begin working.