Our practice areas are oriented around solving the most challenging problems in mobile product and enterprise software development


Product CReation

We create software for products that can include hardware. We assist in developing hardware. We work with first-tier design firms to translate designs and prototypes into products.

ENTERPRISE and Line-of-business software

Engage Surfaceable to access the leading minds in cloud, enterprise, and line-of-business applications. Sync-oriented client software delivers optimal performance and keeps your customers and employees productive in environments where connectivity can't be relied on.


Special Tasks

Surfaceable has experience in Android system software development, extending and enhancing Android networking, printing, sensor capabilities, positioning capabilities, etc. We can add instant expertise to your team. We can mentor, troubleshoot and expand your implementation ability and capacity.

Product Creation

Product creation at Surfaceable.com encompasses all aspects of Android-powered products and all phases of product development


Surfaceable consultants know what is possible, and what is beyond the imagination of your competitors. Our work in concept development is not bounded on one side or the other by limitations of hardware and software alone. We can tell you if an integrated system is to your advantage and, on the other hand, if a software solution can replace dedicated hardware. We can put together a team that includes designers, or work with your in-house or outside design consultants to take concepts beyond visualizations.


Creating exciting, strategically important software requires careful planning to reduce risk to a minimum. Surfaceable brings decades of experience to project planning, and critical thinking that doesn't accpt dogmas.


We adapt our project management methods to client requirements, combining a careful plan with widely adopted agile methods. We use planning information to prevent projects going off track. Clients are always in informed control.


Not every project starts with a green field. Time to market, cost, and changing market share have left some Android applications in a state we call "port-itis." Don't give up hope. There is a cure.


Whether carefully planned, or re-engineered, whether stable, or at a point along a road map, software needs support and maintenence. Surfaceable provides continuing engineering appropriate to your system's requirements.

High-performance Robust Architecture for Networked Applications

Surfaceable consultants are leaders in the architecture and implementation of REST-based synchronized mobile applications. We pioneered this architecture in the book Enterprise Android and we can bring the benefits of sync-based mobile applications to your products and line-of-business applications.

No Connectivity, No problem

Wifi and mobile network connectivity can't be relied on, yet REST client libraries often do make your applications overly reliant on always-on connections. If you can't take a customer order in a corner of the store with iffy wifi, you don't have a reliable application. Synchronized REST-based applications are robust in all connectivity environments.

High performance in all situations, simplified

REST client libraries can be complex and difficult to tune for maximum performance in all conditions. Synchronized applications that use RESTful APIs synchronize data on devices to provide high performance in all use-cases, simply, robustly, all the time. A synchronized mobile data architecture can also provide simple, ContentProvider-based access to 3rd party applications that closely mirrors your RESTful back-end API.

End-to-end updated and multi-user editing

The ContentProvider-based pattern in Android software simplifies implementing an observer pattern in client software, and it provides the most robust data architecture for applications. Our sync architecture extends the observer pattern to the back-end data, making multi-user editing robust and efficient.

A Mobile Sensing Interactive Enterprise

It is time for enterprise software to move beyond mere access to data on the go. Sophisticated applications can go beyond desktop software and browser-based clients. Specialized line-of-business software can deliver transformational value. Sensors, radio beacons, imaging, and positioning can make the workplace and customer-facing environment interactive.

Middleware and System Software

Android is open, modular, and malleable. Surfaceable has developed everything from custom versions of the Android system to nearly every kind of replaceable component, to novel extensions of the Android system.

Strategic Decision Support

Are you at an early stage in the process of mobile software creation? Surfaceable provides expertise you can't get anywhere else, and helps you reach the wisest and most effective approaches to your needs, even when implementation is still far off.

Due Diligence

Investing in, acquiring, and licensing software and systems requires an informed view into the quality, performance and maintenance requirements of the product. Surfaceable provides expert opinions on risks and opportunities that lay under the surface of a product.