High-performance Robust Architecture for Networked Applications

Surfaceable consultants are leaders in the architecture and implementation of REST-based synchronized mobile applications. We pioneered this architecture in the book Enterprise Android and we can bring the benefits of sync-based mobile applications to your products and line-of-business applications.

No Connectivity, No problem

Wifi and mobile network connectivity can't be relied on, yet REST client libraries often do make your applications overly reliant on always-on connections. If you can't take a customer order in a corner of the store with iffy wifi, you don't have a reliable application. Synchronized REST-based applications are robust in all connectivity environments.

High performance in all situations, simplified

REST client libraries can be complex and difficult to tune for maximum performance in all conditions. Synchronized applications that use RESTful APIs synchronize data on devices to provide high performance in all use-cases, simply, robustly, all the time. A synchronized mobile data architecture can also provide simple, ContentProvider-based access to 3rd party applications that closely mirrors your RESTful back-end API.

End-to-end updated and multi-user editing

The ContentProvider-based pattern in Android software simplifies implementing an observer pattern in client software, and it provides the most robust data architecture for applications. Our sync architecture extends the observer pattern to the back-end data, making multi-user editing robust and efficient.